Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Review- Mending Invisible Wings Journal

Because I'm in a giving kind of mood, I'm going to post this little goodie I've been holding on to for awhile.

A while back the author Mary Burgess contacted me about reviewing her book Mending Invisible Wings: a Healing Journal for Mothers. Part of the deal was I would offer it as a giveaway to one of my readers.

I'm sorry I agreed to it. To give it away, I mean. I want to keep it for myself.

This beautiful book is a journal- meant to be interactive as you fill it out and write, draw or paint to express your emotions and (as it says on the back cover) "reclaim your body, your heart and your life". The pages are these lovely thick paper which begs to be filled. Throughout the book are little treasures of images, illustrations, sketches, affirmations, poetry and ceremonies.

This book has a definite earth mother/goddess feel to it so if you are looking for a Christian type of journal this is not it.

So, after holding onto it as long as I possibly could get away with I am ready to send it out in the world to one of you, lucky readers. I've decided to do it in tandem with my other giveaway. (Winners have been chosen- congratulations!)

Good luck!


Ter said...

looks like a good book! I already commented on the other one and emailed you. :)

Lea said...

I am forever interested in new books to help in the healing process!

Thank you, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that book can help me get thru the holidays(aka "Hell-days".....) without my beloved child.

I would love to be a part of your giveaway!


melloss said...

Looks like a great book and I am in real need of something like this at the moment!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful journal inspring.Thank you for offering a nice giveaway. This Dec 11, marks 1 year that my 14 month dd Savana passed away. The holidays will be a struggle to get through..

nikki wood said...

I've been looking for a journal for baby loss! I will email you right now thanks :)

Unknown said...

Joining the giveaway!


AnnaBelle said...

Oooh, this looks good! I'd love to enter your giveaway!

Lisette said...

I have been trying to find a journal since my wound is still so new. I think they are great but so hard to find good journal for what I need at this time.

Soraya said...

Hey there. I'm new to this blog. Firstly, thanks for sharing so candidly. Our sweet baby girl was stillborn on September 23, 2009- I was 41 weeks pregnant. The pain we feel is insane, we are forever changed..we were looking forward to welcoming our first baby togeher and suddenly we were grieving her...

I am very intersted in this Journal..It's hard for me to get the particular kind of support that I need outside of friends and family. I am also doula/childbirth educator/artist/maternal and child health specialist...I'm looking forward to connecting with other women here.

Thank you.

Mary said...

For Emily, and for all who have commented here, a note of many blessings. There are some of you whose wounds are still so fresh, and my heart goes out to each of you and your journeys.

Thanksgiving, and the holidays, can be tremendously challenging - please know that I hold a space of healing, of soft candle light, of love, for you all tomorrow and throughout this season.

Winter is a time of both death and renewal. It is a time for hibernation and rest, and just being fully present to and with "what is." It is a time of snowflakes, swirling softly down, and the time when the snowgeese and swans return from the far north. May you rest, may you renew, may Spring come again.

With love and blessings,
mary burgess

andij said...

I could really use this journal right about now. Thanks for the contest. :)

spazzers said...

The journal looks amazing. I would be blessed to receive it. Thank you for your blog and this contest.

Unknown said...

I saw this add on face book. I am a midwife, and recently had a client who lost her 5 month old boy to a congenital condition. She had a beautiful birth, and then a couple of weeks later found out her baby had a fatal condition. He hung on for 5 months. This was her first baby, I would love to give her this book.