Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remembering Our Babies Bracelets

In the early days after Gabriel's death, it was very difficult to go out in public. It seemed there were pregnant women and babies everywhere I looked. What took me a while to realize is that I was also probably seeing women who had experienced loss, too. But although a baby dying crushes you inwardly, there is no outward sign or symbol.

An orphan is someone who has lost their parents. A widow or widower is someone who has lost their spouse. But someone grieving their child? Our language has no word for that particular person. Just mom. Grieving mom. Or dad.

How awesome it would be if we could recognize each other. If we could walk into a PTA meeting, or church, or grocery store and know that the other person we are talking to knows our particular pain. That they understand.

These rubber band bracelets were created to be just such a symbol. The white ones say "Remembering Our Babies" and have a little baby footprints. Dads are wearing these, too.

The smaller pink and blue 'swirl' ones just say "Remembering" and also have the baby footprints. They are for women with smaller wrists, or for siblings.

Because none of us should feel that we are alone.


To order bracelets, please visit I do donate from the profit from this site.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey the linky is messed up. I got to it anyways by typing it in, but just in case you wanna fix the link.

Emily said...

Thanks! Fixed the link.

Ter said...

hey emily thanks for reminding me about these bracelets.

Someone sent me the TCF bracelets from their chapter (our local TCF is so messed up, I can hardly stand it!) but it's mostly blue.

So many people wear these rubber bracelets (for many causes and some now you can buy that aren't even for a cause. I saw some at the dollar store that said things like princess and diva on them) so now I think that the general public doesn't really notice them anymore because they are so popular.

But I agree, it's nice to have something to recognize each other by.

Unknown said...

I was given one to me by our local SHARE group. I dont wear it, I have it sitting on a shelf that has most of my memories of Kenner.

Living With Loss said...

Really lovely bracelets and a good way to recognise others who have experienced loss.

For ages I felt so jealous seeing a pregnant woman (still am sometimes!) but then I starting thinking that they might have had a loss (or several) just never know. It's so easy to feel like you're the only one at times.

Going to check out the link now.

Take care, N x

Stephanie said...

My mother still wears your pink and blue rubber bracelet everyday. And what I find interesting is the way my son is drawn to it, and has been ever since he discovered his fingers and his ability to grip.