Friday, March 13, 2009

March Compassion Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness

How's it coming?

Has everyone started their 10 acts of kindness?


Me neither.

Well, I did do one so far.

I have such good intentions! It is harder than I thought- I have to change my game plan.

Instead of just saying "I'll act when the situations arise" I am changing it up

I've got to create those opportunities. Purposely.

I will be back later with a list of 10 things I am going to do. If I post them here that will help me be accountable.

Anyway, in honor of all of our babies I'm committing to 10 acts of kindness in March.

I've got to get crackin'!



Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Here are random things we did and/or other people shared with us:

Smile at everyone who crosses my path today.

Write a note on an index card that says, "You are beautiful" and then leave it in a random library book at your local branch.

Make muffins or cookies your household loves, but make extra and give them to your neighbor.

Invite someone to tea.

Pay for two lattes when you buy your one...ask the barista to give the second for free to someone else later in the day.

Do something you don't normally do in your household. Make the morning coffee or take out the garbage, that kind of thing.

Still winter where you are? Shovel out your neighbor's path!

Summer where you are?
Wash your neighborh's car for free.

Say thank you when you are at the post office, bank, and doing other errands today.

Write "thank you" on the back of checks when you sign for depositing.

Make a point of looking into the eyes of someone you love today and really, truly saying I love you to them. No distractions, no hurried greetings, no taking it for granted.

Take two hours for you today. One hour to go do a workout and come back. A second hour for a looooooong hot shower with yummy smelling soap and slowly getting dressed. Put music on in the bathroom, too. Kindness to self counts!


Emily said...

Great ideas, Kara!

The one thing I have done was shovel out all my neighbors last time it snowed. I cleared off and warmed up my husbands car, too, so I'm counting that as 2 things! Ha!

Here's my list I hope to do this weekend:

Have a pizza delivered to the apartment for the missionaries of my church

Make donations to March of Dimes widgets I find on people's sidebars

Send material to the Magic Quilt project (

Make dinner for my neighbor who had a baby two weeks ago (and take a balloon to her 2 year old)

Have a $10 bill in my pocket to leave in the next tip jar I come across

Send a snail mail letter to my sister, my husband's grandma- just because

Emily said...

I just totally overtipped the pizza guy ;0)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm slacking....

Emily said...

I had a productive weekend! I've done all of these, except one (the snail mail letter to my sister)

Hope you all had a great weekend!