Sunday, December 7, 2008

Willow Tree Figurines

These Willow tree figurines really speak to me. It is amazing they are able to have such sweet expression even though they do not have faces. I have bought several figurines as I have traveled this journey and found myself at different stages. I have also given them to friends who have experienced losses. They have quite a few angels and ornaments as well, and I like that they are pretty inexpensive. They are usually carried at Hallmark stores, but also online sites. The main site is

I can imagine this is me holding Gabriel. It is called "Angel of Mine"

It is also available as a little memory box that would be perfect for holding small notes or mementos of your baby.

This one is called 'Grandmother'

Called 'Child of my Heart'

This one reminds me of how Gabriel might look when he was a toddler. Called 'Child's Touch' figurine.

This one might be good for twins- it is called 'Two Together'

This one is an ornament and called 'Angel of Hope'

A reader LAURA showed me this one that was given to her while she was in the hospital after the birth of her daughter Sophie- it is called 'New Life'

I bought this one when I found myself pregnant again. I kept it on my dresser. It was kind of like Gabriel was giving me permission to be happy


Monica said...

Emily - I am so sorry for your loss. This is Monica Enz. I too have lost babies. 1 was 15 weeks, 1 was 17 weeks and 1 was 20 weeks. I too am SO grateful for my 2 living children. I am so sorry you had to go through this.

Marci said...

I recieved a couple of figurines after Matthew went to Heaven and I really love them. They have such meaning to them. I received "Guardian Angel" and "Heart of Gold" A little boy holding a gold heart. They mean a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

One you might like is Angel's embrace. It was my first willow tree. I love it

Unknown said...

I love the quote. Deep and very meaningful. We all need something to motivate us to continue the journey of life no matter how tough. These figurines somehow have a great aura of hope to help us get through our problems in life.