Monday, December 29, 2008

Awesome Angel Giveaway- Winners!

How funny! I announced 8 prizes and then had 9 entries. Ok, ok, I’m a pushover. Everyone’s a winner! Thanks for your comments. Send me an email to asap with your snail mail address and I’ll get these prizes in the mail. ((hugs)) to everyone.

E & K Rausch- Welcome! So sorry you have had to find us here.

Sonya (myluv4flowers)- Hi, Sonya! Good to see you come over here to visit me- thanks for your kind words about my blog ;0)

Jessica- I know what you mean about talking about your baby. I found that every time I told Gabriel’s story to someone it made it a little more real that I was his mom. We did March of Dimes one year and it was difficult, but very nice. (Difficult because I am not in great shape so the 4miles was killer)

Stephanie- A safe place is so important. You have met my creative family and I always thought I am not ‘artsy’ but the more I have thought about it I realize this blog is kind of a piece of art, in progress.

Gretchen- You are totally right- different things have helped me as I am at different points. How fortunate to have a supportive husband and family- I know not everyone is so lucky but for me I really was thankful to have loved ones around.

Laura (Noneya)- Thank you- I am so sorry you have to be here.

Deanna (dede402)- I agree- our baby’s names are important! I wish other people knew how much we cherish hearing their names.

Dara (The)- Thank you- I wish peace for you (and us all), too. I only got about 8 Christmas cards this year but 4 of them said ‘peace’ on them. I so appreciate that.

Julie (angelBrycesmom)- I appreciate your kind words, I am glad to send you an ornament for your tree. ;0)

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