Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guardian Angels Ella and James

Louise sent me this wonderful story of a sister in law who 'gets it':

I just wanted to share a beautiful story with you. On the 6th December my husband's sister got married. Two nights before the wedding she asked me if she could borrow my necklace (with two engraved rings from www.Labelledame.com) to use as her something old. It brought tears to my eyes. I was missing my children so badly and was so upset that they couldn't be here in person. This was just beautiful. But it didn't end there. On the back on the order of service she wrote a thank you to her bridal party etc and thanked her beautiful guardian angels Ella and James. During the ceremony she released 2 balloons to remember and include my angels. You can imagine I was a mess by this stage as I cry at weddings to start with. But it was so beautiful the way she included my angels. It was not a sad or uncomfortable way for the other guests. She just made them part of the day. It turned out to be such a wonderful day and I could feel my angels with me so strongly.

Way to go, sister-in-law!

Thanks to Louise for sending this to me. If anyone else has had family members that have been supportive and wants me to include their story here, email me at nickwilberg@hotmail.com

peace- emily

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