Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our children

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and tonight at 7pm there will be a 'Wave of Light' as families light candles for their babies and place them outside for an hour. It helps so much to know that I am not the only one remembering Gabriel on this day.

I invite you to post below with your baby's name and if you'd like, a message, poem or quote for them.

I know there are many readers who do not or can not post here. If you want me to add your baby's name for you please send me an email at nickwilberg @

Gabriel Wilberg
May 10, 2002
"a person's a person, no matter how small"
We love you, Gabriel. I know that someday our family will be together again.


Our Family said...

Joshua Derrek-- Miracle Angel.Beloved Brother, Precious Son, ..Until we meet again"

Anonymous said...


My angel babies will never be forgotten. Missing them always.

Unknown said...

Carleigh McKenna
March 28, 2009
She was born silent into this world but her little life spoke volumes.

Jordan Leigh
December 19, 2002
My sweet angel I loved too late.

Always in my heart.

candace said...

katharine Mary 1/04/00

Mommies little butterfly I miss and Love you very much. Thank you for watching over us and little man. Until we meet again, this candle is for you and all the babies with wings in heaven,
Love your Mommy

candace said...

also you cam post your babies names @

Mrs. H said...

Nathaniel Philip, 5/24/08

Rachel said...

Ryan Matthew
little body, big heart

Ter said...

Babybear... tyla renee (and her daddy) my family in heaven...

Sheri Anderson said...

Abbigail Grace Anderson
May 28, 2008
Forever Loved Missed Beyond Words

Suzanne Greiner said...

We have two little angels we lost at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Riley Cooper we lost at 20 weeks. Our three beautiful angels, until we meet again...

Sonya said...

Carson perfect angel.

R said...

Levi Aaron Henderson
January 14,2008
I love you & miss you more than words can describe.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will be lighting a candle for all the babies. My heart is deep with sadness for the mother's of all the babies who are in Heaven.

FeFiFo said...

Felicity Fiona Foy- "happiness" & "light" our hero July 12,2009

You can her story at

Thanks so much for your post!

TamaraDSA said...

Katherine Elizabeth "Kate" Altizer and Lucinda Denise "Luci" Altizer. "You are our brave little princesses." We love and miss you so very very much. I know we will all be reuinted as a family once again in heaven some day. Until then know that we love and miss you both so much!!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

Natalie Catherine
October 17,2007
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby! We miss you more than words could ever say!

Amy said...

Lucy Florence Jean Cartwright.

Our hearts ache for you sweet girl, we wish you didn't have to leave us. Your lovely little feet have left footprints on our hearts an souls forever.

Sleep tight,

Mummy and Daddy


Mary said...

Lukas John
January 7, 2009 to January 30, 2009

Having spent 23 of the best and most complicated days of my life, I will never forget your sweet touch.

Sarah said...

~ Angel Baby ~ Feb. 10, 1996
~ Dale L. Williams III ~ Jan. 09, 2009

So very much loved, so very much wanted.

The New Simons said...

Shiloh Jayden Simon
October 28, 2008
You are forever loved and forever missed my sweet angel.

corilee said...

Baby Lee-You would have been born last week, 10/08/09. I love and miss you. I wish you were here.

Vickie said...

Baby May, you are still my bubba.

Gigi said...

Jacque and Adora our beautiful Angels!
We miss you but you are in our hearts forever!

Brianna said...

Oscar Friedrich and Bella Marjorie-our first born son and daughter. Thank you so much for the 17 weeks and 6 days you were with us this year. Thank you so much for those 10 minutes you each fought to stay with us. We hope you see our candle tonight.

candace said...

Candi@ has all her candles lite, I hope the Angels see them, I am also saying a pray for all the other parents who have an Angel watching the candles dance in the night, God bless be well with love, Candi

Cristin said...

Cayden Cooper Premer. You flitted in and out of my arms so quickly, but you will live on forever in our hearts. Mama and Daddy miss you so.

Michelle said...

Eleanore Marie - born still Sept. 24 2009, we love you always and one day we will all be together again.

Michelle said...

Benjamin Robert Baker
born still on November 3, 2007
Beloved by three big brothers, Mommy and Daddy, and a whole extended family
We love you, sweet son, and can't wait to see you again!
You are part of our forever family.

Once A Mother said...

Peyton Elizabeth Binder.
Lost to infant leukemia at just 28 days old.
I love you baby girl, and miss you with every fiber of my being. At less than 6 pounds you fought cancer with the heart of a 200 lb. prize fighter. Do you know how very proud of you I am?

Stephanie said...

Stevie Max. Thank you for giving us the chance to remember!