Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memory Walks

Every year there are quite a few memory walks held throughout the months of September and October. We try to go to the closest SHARE walk, which is 2 hours away in Lancaster, PA. I don't get there every year because it is always held the last weekend in September, which is my husband's birthday. He doesn't always love to go to memory walks on his birthday.

However, this year we will be there. If you are close, I hope you'll stop by. I'd love to meet you.

I'm always so touched by the candle lighting as our baby's names are read. And by the fact of how NORMAL we all look. You could see the group of us all anywhere- an amusement park, a farmers market, a movie theater. You'd never know we are any different than any other families. But we have all been struck by the lightning of losing a child.

You can find info on the Lancaster, PA walk here
or check the SHARE site for other walks in your area here


Ter said...

I am working on our 3rd annual walk to remember here where I live. I may be going to the SHARE walk in St. Louis this year, I know alot of the mom's I met in my early days there live around there, so I'm considering it! In fact I already got my passport application sent in so it may happen after all.

Unknown said...

Is it Sept 26th weekend? That weekend we are doing the March for Babies walk in our area. I hope the walk in PA has a good turnout!

Zil said...

A walk to remember in MA will take place Oct 4 in Saugus.

I will be walking.