Friday, August 21, 2009

Scrapbooking Your Baby

I'm back! Did you miss me?

I had a great trip, and have several ideas for posts I'll be blogging the next week or so. But top priority is something I need your help with.

I had an email from a woman who is working on a scrapbook for her little nephew, Adam. She asks " I was wondering what I could do to tell his story with out being drab. He only lived 3 hours so I'm having trouble putting what I want to say into words that would honor is short life."

Any ideas for her?

My first thoughts are to document stories such as the emotions in finding out they were pregnant, how the family was told, and the love and caring expressed. Also using quotes and poems. Maybe asking others to write letters to include or send photos of Adam's name written.

I'd love to hear your ideas. How have you scrapbooked or journaled your baby's story?

Thanks so much!


Unknown said...

Well the details of my daughter's journey is on her blog. I did make scrapbooks for all of her pictures and some of her keepsakes. I'm currently finishing up her 2nd one. I used those vellum quotes and stickers with scriptures. I do plan on making a 3rd scrapbook just for pictures of her name written in the sand or in/with other things.

One idea is if she had a guestbook for the service is she can scan those and print them out smaller to arrange them on 1 or 2 pages. I did something similar for my wedding scrapbook and I do want to do the same for Carleigh's.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back!

Heather said...

I made a scrapbook (well, more of a photo album, really) of all my ultrasounds, since I don't have any picture of my girls. Unfortunately, my hospital didn't suggest or offer taking pictures, and my circumstances in getting to the hospital weren't exactly like, "Hey, don't forget the camera!", and now I'm really sorry I have no pictures. So I did the ultrasounds, so I have something of them to look at. I read somewhere else about taking pictures of the sky on EDDs, angelversaries, or birthdays, and I plan to do that as well.

Emily said...

Lovely ideas! Thanks so much!

Holly- I like the idea of scrapbooking the guestbook names

Heather- Scrapbooking sonograms is an excellent idea. Make sure to make copies of the sonograms, too, because I read somewhere that they fade after about 5 years- they are not permanent. You can take them to a photo machine at Target or Walmart or whereever and scan them and even maybe enlarge them.

Heather said...

Emily, thanx for that info on the sonograms-I think I remember hearing that but in my current "dazed & confused" state I had forgotten. I'll be sure to get real prints made.

Anonymous said...

I made a photobook using Shutterfly. Charlotte's journey was also chronicled in my blog. I am in the process though of having my blog printed out into a coffee table book too. I'd like to give a copy to my MIL who does not use a computer.