Thursday, August 6, 2009

BP/USA: Signs from our Babies

I went to an interesting workshop called "Signs for Grief Relief". I thought it was going to be about how to tell if you are healing; instead it was about how to be sensitive to receiving signs from our children. It was presented by Sara Jessie Ruble, a grieving mom, Danine Florina, who has a background of working in hospice, and Jane Bissler, a clinical counselor.

They stated that our kids are always trying to get our attention- they want to communicate with us and we need to be open to it. They stated that 'seeing is believing, and believing is seeing' and you get to choose if you see signs or not.

To encourage signs, they suggest writing them down (including dreams and impressions), be aware of roadblocks such as grief emotions, and chaos. They stated that other people may doubt, but you need to trust.

What do you think of this? I am not sure where I stand. I'd like to hear your ideas and I'm respectful of both sides- those of us who believe in signs and those of us who don't.

I don't want to think that Gabriel is spending a significant part of his energy trying to get my attention. And yet there have been a time or two when something happens that makes me smile and wonder if my boy is saying "hi".

They are holding a spirituality workshop in Chicago in October- you can get more info here


Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like a beautiful concept.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It does sound interesting. I have not lost a baby but I do know that I got signs from my mother when she passed away. I think this could maybe help.

Ter said...

I thought I saw a few signs from my baby when she first died but now I am pretty sure I was just imagining things because before her daddy died, he promised to come back to let me know she was okay and that he was okay, and he hasn't so I no longer think that anything I saw was a sign. I also am beginning to find it difficult that that there is life after death. I used to always think so but now, I am not so sure about that, because he promised.

Unknown said...

I don't think I get signs from Carleigh. I believe she's too busy in Heaven being with Jesus. Earth years up there is like a blink of an eye so I dont' think she has time to miss me.

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I"m with Holly.. I don't think I get signs from Seth.. I do believe i've recieved signs from God though.. In the hospital, before we knew Seth was dying, I said to the nurses "I just need him to wake up and smile at me and I'll know he's okay."

Two weeks after he died, I dreamt I was holding him, and he was dead, and then he opened his eyes and I said something about getting one of the nurses and he smiled at me. I"m embarassed to admit that it took me awhile to realize what actually happened (a week or so)..

I read in a book once that Heaven's time is not linear and as far as those in Heaven are concerned, we are all already there together. I like that.

Emily said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I also think that eternity is a long time and our time here on Earth is a quick second of that.

I like to think that Gabriel is busy elsewhere- a ginormous game of hide and seek with all his angel friends, maybe ;0)

Kathryn, I like the idea that the signs are from God. I have had a few things happen that did bring me comfort, so that makes sense to me.

Drew said...

Nice, it's important to start healing, like loosing a family member to drug addiction, there is a time to heal everything.