Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Your babies are always with you

I had sent this out in my newsletter this month but wanted to post it here too. Do you get my newsletter? I only send it once a month- you can subscribe right there on my side bar.

I wanted you to know about this awesome study going on at Tufts University. They have discovered that with each pregnancy (no matter if it results in a live birth or not) the mother's body gets white blood cells from their baby. These cells are active cells in our body- they show up to heal infections, even.

Maybe there is something more to 'Mother's Intuition'. We are changed, forever, with each pregnancy, with each child. A little part of them are always with us.



Unknown said...

They leave a little of them with us. :)

Lechelle said...

I love this. Thank you.

Barbara said...

I've heard this, and that we carry their dna within us.

I love the thought of carrying my son within me forever.