Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BP/USA: Butterfly Release

On Sunday morning they had a butterfly release- has anyone ever attended one? The butterflies come in these little triangles of paper and you can feel and hear them fluttering to get out of there. You have to hold them carefully in order not to damange the butterflies.

When you open the papers, some of the butterflies take off- up and away. Some of them flutter and land on nearby people (this less than flattering shot of me is because Eric's mom's butterfly landed on me and I was trying to hold real still) And some of them come out and then land on the ground and kind of flop around for a bit as they warm up and get going. My daughter's butterfly did that- it was pretty traumatic as we didn't know if maybe it was hurt or damaged but we were able to pick him up and put him on the bush nearby and he finally found his wings.

Here's the symbolic part- I thought of these little butterflies struggling, confused, trapped in the darkness and then released to fly free and beautiful.


Unknown said...

I actually kinda feel bad for these butterflies being all trapped in paper. :( I'm glad they were released!!

Unknown said...

Oh, I would have loved that! I have never been to one! I love butterflies they are SO pretty and well they have a very special meaning to me!

Emily said...

I know.. I spent a long time trying to figure out how they got those butterflies into the papers

Heide said...

That's so cool. My first and only tattoo is that of a butterfly overtop of a Japanese symbol for the word Autumn, my daughters name. The butterfly represents Autumn; to me she was my little butterfly. My angel at 39 weeks.