Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hang in There

Is anyone having a week like I am where I've just lowered my expectations and gone into survival mode? This summer is crazy busy. No big drama, just tons of little annoyances. I DID work out today, which for me is huge! And I'm giving it another shot at my 'no sugar or soda' attempt at a diet.

Hope you are all great. I'll try to get more regular about posting. Is there anything you would like to discuss?



Ali said...

YAY for working out! I am thinking about the no sugar thing too... my doctor said he really likes South Beach though... (((groan)))

Not Your Ordinary Spud said...

This week has totally sucked for me...On Father's Day my hubby and I had a "Chemical Pregnancy.." I asked the Dr if I had miscarried again and she said she didn't consider a chemical pregnancy as a miscarriage... My hubby and I had a hard time knowing how to treat the chemical Pregnancy...We never had a positive pregnancy test and the Dr said it's cause my HCG levels were too low...conception occurred but the egg never attached to the wall...

We finally decided that because we believe that life starts at conception that we are treating this loss as a miscarriage as well. We named her Baby Abigail.

And this past Friday..was Baby Eugene's Due date... it was a week.

Do you know more about Chemical Pregnancies?? Would you consider this loss as a miscarriage?? Just wondering..

Unknown said...

Congrats on working out! It can be hard to find time do to that. I'd have a hard time with the 'no sugar'. ;)

Sunday it was 3 months since Carleigh was born. We stopped by the cemetery. I'm frustrated that her headstone still isn't up.

And to the PP, I consider a chemical pregnancy a miscarriage. I'm sorry. :(

Emily said...

NYOSpud- I'm so sorry. I would never tell someone not to grieve. I also believe life starts at conception, so it is a baby lost regardless of the official name the doctors give it. ((hugs)) I think you win for worst week ever.

Holly- Have they given you a time frame for Carleigh's headstone?