Monday, June 8, 2009

Beware the movie: Up

I am going to say straight off I have NOT seen this movie yet- my husband and kids went to see it last weekend. But on SHARE today someone mentioned to be careful because UP has a theme of pregnancy loss in it.

As soon as my husband walked in the door I asked him. "Oh, yeah", he says. "I forgot."

I guess at the beginning as they are showing the old man's history they do it by flashbacks and show his wife crying in the doctor's office. They don't go into specifics so you don't know if there is a loss, or infertility or what but it is there.

I have heard it is a great, wonderful, fantastic movie. But be careful. I hate when I'm already fragile and then get hit with something like this unexpectedly.

Has anyone seen it? What do you think? I hear there is a happy ending.


Ter said...

wow you wouldn't expect it in a movie like that. Too bad.

I've mentioned it before but It seems lately that almost every book, movie, tv show has at least a hint of pregnancy or infant loss or a baby who's mistreated or unwanted, or something along those lines. *sigh*

caitsmom said...

So glad you gave me the heads "up"! After Star Trek, I can't take another one. Not even a short hint of it.

Ali said...

OH NO - star trek has one too???? ACK

I have to say, that after 7 years I am still hurt as much when I think of her as the day it happened.

Lechelle said...

I saw it. The pregnancy loss scene surprised me, and both me and my husband cried when it just sprung up. But I thought they did a good job with it. The old man's life was one long flashback set to a song, and that scene was part of the flashback. But what I appreciated was that it wasn't just that scene, they showed a couple scenes after that basically seemed to say "we aren't over it and it still makes us sad but here's some happy stuff that has happened too" and I liked that. I like that they didn't treat it lightly.

I definitely wish I had been warned though. But then again, wouldn't a warning have been better before my babies died? That was sprung on me too, maybe this movie does portray life accurately. As painful as it was to watch I am glad they did it. I know not everyone agrees with me and that's ok. But I am glad that awareness was raised and people who watch the movie get the slightest glimpse of the devastation that comes because maybe it will produce a little more empathy and love.

Unknown said...

Excellent comment Lechelle. I haven't seen the movie yet but now I am interested in seeing more of what it is about. Although I'll prolly never get around to it.

Emily said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Lechelle, I'm glad for some feedback from someone who has seen it. I am always kind of on the fence. I do think people ignore so much the fact that this happens, so I appreciate when someone is willing to bring it up and not just ignore that it happens.

But Ter is right too that it seems lately it is in EVERYTHING that I see or read.

Can't have it both ways, can I?

You are also right that these things come without warning in real life. Good point.

And I don't know why I wouldn't expect it from Disney- I remember the trauma when Bambi's mom gets shot. I still cry in Tarzan when the baby monkey dies.

Unknown said...

I went and saw it. I went with a friend who also lost her baby at 37 weeks 4 years ago. I was quite surprised when that seen came up. My heart just ached. I didn't cry, i was sad through the whole movie.

Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Thank you to everyone for the heads up on both UP and Star Trek [gosh, really, Star Teck, too???ugh!] We were planning to see both this weekend... Can anyone tell me more about ST version -- explicit? referred to? will it make me want to walk out? After going to see Finding Nemo on our son's birth/death day coz we thought it would be a good "distraction", I don't take chances on movies much anymore!


Emily said...

I really need a heads up for these kinds of things too. But I have to admit, that as long as it is done well, I always like when loss is an element in a movie or tv series. I feel it brings awareness to the pain and what can and does happen to women. It's all work toward making it not quite as taboo a topic.

I am disheartened when it's quick though. Marley and Me for the book the loss affected her for a long time before she was able to bounce back. In the movie she was accidentally pregnant and happy again asap which doesn't seem realistic to me. When it is done right and really shows the emotion and how it affects life forever, I am grateful...even though it is hard for me to watch having lost 6 babies total with no living children.

melka said...

There should be a warning label. Who knew tragically failed pregnancies and melodramatic births - or just pregnancy and birth at all - were the favourite dramatic device of screenwriters everywhere? Funny how I never noticed until now. It's really made escapism in the form of movies damn hard. And I resent that. I used to love movies.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, thank you for the warning. Yes, I need to be warned of such things. I have been looking forward to seeing this movie but I think I'll wait to see it at home now for the just-in-case I don't take it well.

A. Nishidera said...

Thanks for the warning... we lost our son in January so it is good to know that we might need a little extra strength for the movie.
My husband, 8 yr. old and I are looking forward to seeing UP - it still looks like a wonderful movie.

Unknown said...

You said it, Melka- it makes escapism via tv/movies dangerous! I remember the first mother's day after Madeline died, I sat down and put the nature channel on- thinking that would be a safe place to escape to for a few minutes. Two minutes later there is a pregnant meerkat on my screen, and after the commercial break she has her baby- and it is stillborn!!! There really is just no escape.