Friday, April 10, 2009

Kick Me When I'm Down

Have you ever had a bad week and then something comes along and kicks you in the head?

That has been my week!

Care to join me for a pity party??

I unknowingly violated a trademarked name so I have take the Sandwritten site down. That super stinks.

A leak in my kitchen ceiling... drip, drip, drip. I know it is these crummy plastic pipes. We really need to repipe the whole house but I haven't had an extra $3000 lying around (and I'll tell you true- if I did have an extra $3000 I'd be buying tickets for the family to go to Hawaii! Repiping my house is not even close to top of my priority list)

A kid with pnemonia- again. 3 times since February. And waking up in the middle of the night with a few worrisome hours wondering if I should take another one to the emergency room. Actually, just mom worry in general. Worry that I'm not doing enough or the right things for my kids.

Money. 'nuff said

I'm going to try the 'I get to..'

I get to have a roof over my head (it is totally leaking, but it is there)
I get to treasure my minutes with my kids- I try not to look to tomorrow but really enjoy today.

I'm not sure about the 'I get to..' for the sandwritten thing. I'm still working on that one.



Anonymous said...

Oh that stinks about the sandwritten site. :( :( :(

Money...yes....know exactly what you mean....

I'm having my own pity party this week, maybe we could combine and have a rave or something.

AnnaBelle said...

I'll attend you pity party.

Ugh for leaky ceilings and sick kids. I hope your child recovers soon.

That you had to take down your Sandwritten sight is so sad. I'm sorry to hear that. Can you rename it and put it back up?

Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Oh really really really sending you peace and calm and supportive vibes now! I didn't realize all the details of what was up, so looooots and looooots of good vibes to you now that I know... :) Sorry to hear about the name of the site thingy.. hmmmm... you still get to have all the content of what you were doing there. Can you rename and keep doing what you were doing? Names in the Grains. :)

Unknown said...

Oh boy, that is a bummer about Sandwritten. Can you re~name it? Money sucks too bad it runs our lives and I hope you kids`feel better!

Lechelle said...

Oh Emily, I'm sorry.

I work for an attorney who does trademarks. If you feel comfortable, would you e-mail me all your information on who told you to take down Sandwritten and what they sent you? I can at least find out if there is anything you can do. I'm hoping they were just trying to scare you and we can find a way around it. But I am betting all you would have to do is rename the site. They can trademark the name of what you are doing, but not stop you from doing it under another name.


Living With Loss said...

Sorry you've had such a bad week. Hope there's a way around things for your sandwritten site and hope your child's feeling better soon.


Ter said...

That stinks. I've had a grumpy week myself.

You could come up with another name for your sandwritten blog. No one can stop you from writing names in sand, so don't give up.

The word verification of the day is undink.

I agree, let's undink! ;)

Emily said...

Some of you have emailed me privately. I surely appreciate the support. And no no no- it was not Carly- she emailed me to say I should keep it up. She's been awesome.

Thanks, everyone! I'm guessing we will start it up at some point under another name. Any ideas? ;0)

LBBlum said...

We GET to think of a new name!
We should ask your wonderful readers to help us come up with a wonderful name that is in no way- reminisent of S---Written..