Monday, May 6, 2013

Stepping Stones to Awesome

What do I want to do this year? My original 2013 resolutions/bucket list from January 1 looks like this: 1. Hike Seneca Greenway Trail (20 miles) 2. Work on family history 3. Do a juice cleanse 4. Go to a raw restaurant 5. Go on an overnight backpacking trip 6. Brand my business 7. Lose 10 pounds 8. Pay off Credit Cards 9. Daily prayer 10. Order scrapbooks for 2012, 2011 11. Try capsule dressing for 1 month 12. Date night once a month Here is my updated list as of February 8 (and still now, May 7) 1. Pay off debt (make more, spend less, be thrifty with what I have) 2. Be healthy/Be strong (eat healthily, avoid sugar, exercise) 3. Strengthen my relationship with my husband (date night 1/month, smile more!, make the house a place he wants to come home to) 4. Be a better mom (patience, be present with my kids, set up some systems to help maintain house, etc) 5. Live more simply (get rid of clothes I don't wear, finish loose ends that have been bugging me) Several times a day I try to stop and ask myself: Is this activity helping me 1. Be a better me? 2. Be a better wife and mother? 3. Pay off my debt? If not, I'm trying to stop what I'm doing and get back on track. This mostly means I need to: stop re-reading romance novels and go do something (ANYTHING) else turn off the TV step away from the computer Also, the other thing I noticed is when I look at what my NEXT STEP for these original goals is, it is to PUT IT ON MY CALENDAR. If I do not schedule it I will not do it. It is as simple as that.

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