Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Duggars have gotten such negative feedback about the photos of their stillborn daughter, Jubilee. I wanted to post this well written piece from someone who 'gets it.'

Do you have photos of your child? We have a few hastily snapped polaroids that the hospital nurse took. I do not display them, but am glad I have them. I wish I had thought or knew to take some that would be easier to look at, like a photo of me holding his hand. You do the best you can at the time.


Unknown said...

I hate the comments about their loss and the photos. People have lost their compassion and have hardened their hearts. :(

Yes, we have photos and I wish I had more! I do have several displayed in my home and I love seeing her picture whenever I want.

Brianna said...

It pains me that the people who speak the loudest about how what this family, and others who've experienced loss, are doing the wrong things are those that have never experienced the loss of a child. We have over 100 pictures of our twins, but none of our rainbow's twin. I proudly display our twins pictures via a digital photo frame on my desk at work.

Katherine Annis said...

I know, I try not to read the comments about their photos. We display black and white edited versions of our photos "out" in the house and have unedited Color ones in our bedroom. But my parents proudly display an unedited Color picture on their mantel with photos of their other grandchildren. People who don't know us well have asked about it and don't realize that Eli is dead in the photo, but he was full term so that may have something to do with it.