Monday, October 10, 2011

No right or wrong: part 2

Whitney asked a question in the comments of that previous post but I wanted to bring it up to the top and ask all of you what you do. Here is her question:

I had a question for you - what do you call Gabriel's birthday? I don't know how to feel about Anna's due date in December, when I know she probably wouldn't have come out that day exactly. But it seems morbid to call her day of birth a birthday, which is supposed to be such a happy party time. Thanks again for writing...Whitney

Whitney, thanks for your question. I also feel kind of funny about using the word "birthday" which to me brings up images of cake, balloons, party hats and little kids running around Chuck E. Cheese.

I know some people use the phrase "angelversary" but I've never been entirely comfortable with using that, I don't know why.

I usually just call May 10 "Gabriel's Day" or more often with my family "Baby Goldbug Day" which was his nickname before he was born. However, on that day we do some of the typical 'birthday' things like getting our family together, going to a special place, having a balloon (which we release) and eating cupcakes.

So, I wanted to ask the rest of you. What do you call the day your baby was born?
Thanks for sharing with us.


Elaine said...

I say "angelversary" for lack of better word but I don't really think that's the right word for it. I think "anniversary" may be more fitting for me. I also don't like "birthday" because to me there was no real "birth" that day. We did something just the three of us, nice meal and cupcakes. Other than my online friends and one IRL friend no one either remembered or mentioned it so there was no family get together.

Unknown said...

I use the word birthday b/c it was the day she was born.

Brianna said...

For our twins, I use birthday, because it was the day they were born and died. For our other twin, we haven't come up with what we call the day--it wasn't the day we found out about him, it wasn't the day he died...he wasn't born with his twin that we carried to term, so for now, we have Tittle month.