Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have noticed a difference in how I pray after the death of Gabriel. I no longer feel I can ask for things specifically. I do not feel I can pray for situations to be resolved or for things to work out how I want. Instead, I find that I pray that I am given the strength to deal with whatever the situation is. Just another way my son has changed me.


Branwen said...

I agree- I find myself praying simply for strength, grace, mercy and peace to handle each situation. Alas, sometimes my prayers are unanswered. :)

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog from another blog and honestly I clicked and clicked so many times I can't remember who I was reading that led me here. Oh but thank goodness. I have just begun to read your blog and I already know I will read all weekend. I love this post especially! If I hear one more time "just pray about it" I will scream. My blog isn't well developed and you can read if you want but to give you some background. In 2008 we lost a baby at 8 weeks, and then in April 2011 we lost a baby at 11 weeks. We are healing so they say but it's still so new and raw.
Thank you so much for writing your feelings down.