Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sending Christmas Cards

How do you include your baby when signing your Christmas cards? Do you sign their name along with the rest of your family members? Do you use a special symbol or stamp? Do you send cards out at a different time of year? Skip them altogether?

This is a question that comes up often. I'd like to hear your suggestions on what you do. Thank you for sharing your ideas of how to handle this difficult time of year.

Edited to add links:
I went on an internet search to find stamps or footprints that might be used in cards- how frustrating to wade through so many other items to try to find something that might work! I've added links below to the best ones I found. I am not associated with any of these sites, nor have I used them before, so take this for what it is- a list of sites that carry stamps or punches that might be useful when sending out your cards.

pink hand and footprint stickers

blue hand & footprint stickers

footprint stamp

star stamp

butterfly stamp

heart punch

dragonfly punch

star punch

footprint punch

butterfly punch


Anjeny said...

Hi Emily,
I'm thinking you should get a little "foot" or "hand" and when you sign your card with your family, you can use the foot/hand stamp as a signature for your baby..maybe you can also write ur baby's initials by the stamp. I hope this helps.

Anjeny said...

Ops..I meant to write little "foot" or "hand" stamp.

Shayna said...

I always have that thought when I'm signing any card, and it's always a tough decision.On last year's Christmas card I wrote my son's name with a cloud around it, but honestly, I'm not really sure I like that idea. I like the stamp idea. I might do that this year. :)

Nikki A said...

This is our first year dealing with the holidays as we lost our daughter 4 months ago to the date. I have been looking for a small angel stamp to put on cards (if we send them out this year). Angel stamps seem very hard to come by.

Jason and Vanessa said...

I had never thought about what we would do but I'm glad you brought this up. I think we will make copies of our girls foot prints and glue them in the cards then write their names beside them. Although we normally don't send out Christmas cards but if we do then we will do the above.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I agree it is hard to find angel itesm (stamps or punches or even stickers) if you are looking for angel things that are not christmas angels.

For the past few years I have participated in a card exchange through the SHARE website ( and we always include our babies- usually people will address the cards to 'Emily and ~Gabriel~' and it is so nice to have him remembered

Marci said...

I found a cute angel stamp that had "blessings" written below it. I used that for my Christmas cards. I thought it worked perfect. I