Wednesday, January 21, 2009

None of us are alone

...All those who try to go it sole alone
Too proud to be beholden for relief
Are absolutely sure to come to grief.

-Robert Frost

This is one thing that makes this journey easier- the knowing that I am not in it alone. I mean, in real life it feels lonely sometimes. It seems everyone around me is back to business, back to the real life living and I'm left kind of by myself. And that is a lonely feeling.

But then I go to SHARE message boards (which are amazing.. if you haven't visited them I'd encourage you to stop by) or come post here and people reach out to me. People I don't know in real life. People whos story really maybe isn't that different than mine. People that give me ((hugs)). People who care.

And reading your stories, your blogs, your messages it confirms what I was hoping all along. I'm not crazy for feeling this way. Or at least, if I AM crazy, at least I'm not the only one.

Big ((hugs)) to everyone today!
Thanks for reading!
Extra thanks to those who comment!
I surely appreciate you all more than you know.



Anonymous said...

(((Hugs))) to you too!

Yes, it is nice to have those moments where we realize we are not alone. This path we live on seems so secluded sometimes.

Zil said...

I feel the exact same way. It's lonely in the real world.

You all in the virtual world get it. You know it stinks - all of it. You know how hard it is. And most importantly, you know the right things to say. For all of these things I am thankful.

Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful people who walk with us on this journey.

Marci said...

You know, when I lost my son at 22 weeks I felt all alone. Very alone. A lot of ladies told me that they had miscarried and they had been there. There was not one that told me she had a stillbirth and had to bury her sweet baby. When I got on to the internet and looked for some bereavment groups, only then did I realize I was not alone!! So many women that have gone thru the same thing it made me feel some comfort in knowing I really wasn't alone. They knew what to say and how to say it. Thank you for your posts. Hugs to you.

The said...

Your blogg(and the MISS forums) makes me feel less alone in my sorrow.

Thank you,

Lea said...

I have just come across this site and am finding some much needed comfort in the fact that other mommies are battling this pain as well. I wouldn't wish this horrendous journey on anyone, however, it is nice to know that there is somewhere to come when I am feeling alone. This truly is a lonely, lonely loss.

Thank you...