Monday, March 9, 2009


I've been feeling kind of Blah. Bleh.

Not too inspired.

So I hate to waste your time, my loyal readers. I've been quiet in bloggieland.

But I wonder how much of this has to do with the weather. The grey skies. The cloudy, dark days. Cold.

February is hard for me- staying inside and mostly spending my days wandering from computer to kitchen wishing something delicious and chocolaty had magically appeared. Or that the laundry has done itself.

The house elves have let me down. Where are you when I need you, Dobby?

Earlier this week we had a big snow storm- and I do love a good snowstorm! Here in Maryland if we get more than half an inch it closes the schools and shuts everything down. Like I need a reason to stay in my pajamas and drinking hot chocolate and cancel my big time plans of wandering around Target.

Monday we got about 6 inches of snow. So beautiful to watch it coming down. So pretty covering everything. I love love love a good snow storm.

Then, by Friday we had 70 degree weather. GORGEOUS! We spent a lot of the weekend outside. My kid even wore shorts to school today- he is probably jumping the gun, but as I say the house elves have been shirking their laundry duty. It may have been all he had clean.

And as I sit here thinking about it, it is a pretty good analagy for my life. Long dark days. Sadness, purposelessness. But then I am given a glimpse that better days are coming. Sunny skies. The little green shoots of early crocus, tulips and daffodils pushing through the dirt. Like little blooms of hope, peeking through.

I am a little scared that the cold dark days are not done.. but hopeful that warm gentle days are ahead, not too far away.

Hold on..
It gets better. It gets easier. It does.



Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the same way lately. Blah.

Hoping spring comes soon.

ps-just read a post on Ter's blog (with an angel on my shoulder) and she's not blogging anymore? :( :(

Icantletitgo said...

Emily, I'm not a big fan of winter either, and I can say this has been a very long and bitter winter. I finally ventured out for a walk last week on our one warm day. Oddly enough I too noticed the buds on the trees and felt a little glimmer of hope. Here's to hoping summer comes quick and stays a long long time, and with it brings a few more glimmers.

Ter said...

hi emily, thank you for your post on my blog today. I had a real rough day, I appreciate your words.

Vickie said...

Yeah, I've been feeling a little poopy. I love the snowstorms too! But the rest of winter just makes everything blah. Though I do like a white Christmas.

Lea said...

Yes, this in between stage of winter and spring is the pits! It's very grey and gloomy here today too. I just want to get out! A change of scenery always seems to help... can't wait.
Hang in there everyone.... it's coming!

Babs said...

It's been a long winter for a lot of us, I think. I am finally crawling out of my annual seasonal depression, and am back to writing and painting again.

I posted a blog just this morning, in fact, with my reflections on being called "strong" in the face of dealing with the death of a child. I'd almost forgotten how cathartic it is just to write this stuff somethings.

Hoping you pull through soon. :)

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