Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pioneer Women

Soon after Gabriel died I went through a period where I was reading journals of pioneer women. I felt a relation with these women, in a small way. They suffered such trials, hardships and tragedy. Their everyday lives were filled with hard work and no conveniences or comforts. Add on top of that the dangers and risks.

Often they experience the death of their children. Children died in so many ways. Snake bites. Drinking the laudanum and overdosing. Tetnus, drowning, dying during birth- so many dying at birth.

These women buried their young ones, and were expected to be up and working the next day. I was particularly interested in the ones who were on the trail- walking on their way to their new homes, and leaving the small grave behind as they moved on. So so sad. So so hard. How did they do it? It is really too much to understand and bear.

And I am struck by the strength of women. To get up again. To try again. To put our heart out there and love again and risk loss.

Pioneer Women are my heroes.


caitsmom said...

I can't even imagine burying my child and then literally walking a way. How much of their spirit they must have left behind. I can't imagine.

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

You know how you hear that comment: "When your parents die, you're an orphan, spouse - a widow/widower, but there's no word that equals a bereaved parent." i wonder if that's just because it was so common place.. Recently I read somewhere that women had large families hoping to see a few of these children into adulthood. I guess they found themselves stronger than they thought they were. As do we.

日月神教-任我行 said...