Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming soon..

We started a 'biggest loser competition' with with my husband's family where you get points for eating vegetables, skipping sweets and soda, drinking water, getting plenty of rest. This is right up my alley with my goal to 'be good to myself'. Only, it is amazing how much you think about food when you are really trying not to think about food!

What are you doing to 'be good to yourself'? You are worth it! You deserve some attention and kindness. I hope you can find some time today to do something to treat yourself right.

Watch tomorrow for my newest giveaway! Just wanted to give a heads up ;0)

peace- emily


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a cute competition!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Emily! That's a total "Hula moment"!

Ter said...

I hear you! I think more about food when I"m trying not to, and especially my coke! OMG! lol

E and K Rausch said...

Oh fun....we just got a treadmill maybe I will use it :)