Sunday, February 1, 2009

Memorial Stones

I wanted to show you this very cool site. They have memorial stones that can be personalized, and also garden statues. And something called an 'eternal flame' stone that has a little candle. Gorgeous.

I've always wanted a beautiful garden for Gabriel. Gardening is not one of my talents. Instead, everything I try to plant ends up dying, which really makes it worse when it was supposed to be in honor of Gabriel. But I think these stones would be very special in a garden.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I will warn you that they have pet memorials and pet caskets on the same page as these others, which always kind of cheeses me but whatever.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I will have to get these for Finn and Flicka's trees.

Rachel said...

I love these. I always wanted to have something like this for our yard. I am with you on the blackthumb thing. I am down to only two plants from Ryan's service. When they go I might lose it. I know just where these will look great.