Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Send a Card, Send a Smile

I'm warning you this might sound like an infomercial. Sorry about that. I really have had an amazing weekend and would like to tell you all about it. So bear with me.

I had told you last week I signed up for SendOutCards, which is a service that lets you use your computers to send cards to people in their mailbox. It is cheaper, easier and faster than getting a card at the store, going to the postoffice to get stamps and then I usually forget to mail it in time to get it where it needs to go. So, I knew this card thing could be really good for me.

So I've been playing around this weekend sending cards to a bunch of people. And you know what? It is pretty fun to send cards. Such a simple thing. I like to think about how they will feel to get something in their mailbox that isn't a bill. I like browsing all the beautiful, funny cards. I like thinking about something that isn't about ME and instead try to do something for someone else.

I sent about 25 cards this weekend. And I have noticed I am happier. Is that a direct relation? I don't know. I think so.

I do think that if you send positive energy out into the world, positive energy comes back to you.

If you want to give it a try, click here. Just send a few free cards. No strings- seriously. I just want you to feel this little happy buzz I've got going.

Also, the more I learn about this company the more I like it. It was started by a guy who had ignored a prompting to go over and give his brother a hug. Later his brother died in an accident. It is all about allowing people to easily act on their promptings.

I have tried to do this over the weekend. If someone pops into my head I think that is a message to me to send them a card with a few words to let them know I'm thinking about them. To let them know they matter to me.

Reach out to someone today- tell them you love them, tell them they are important.

And if you'd like to get a card, email me your snail mail address at nickwilberg @ hotmail. I'd love to send you one. You guys are important to me too. I hope today is gentle for you.



Lynda said...

What a beautiful thing to do!! God Bless!!

Holly said...

I think the sendoutcards is a great idea. Definitely something I would use! I checked it out when you posted about it earlier and it seems so neat. I didn't sign up for then but the plan is to eventually! :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the card, it is precious and it brightened my day to find it waiting in my mailbox.