Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to let you know I am thinking about you all this Mother's Day. It seems wrong to say "Happy" Mother's Day, but you loved and do love your babies as much as any mom and I hope Sunday is a special day. I'm so sorry your babies are not with you.

For me, I can't believe it is 7 years since Gabriel was stillborn. I'm not sure what the plan is for Sunday. I am reserving the right to stay in bed if that is what I need to do. Often we go for a hike on Gabriel's day. In the evening we go to a nearby church cemetary (even though Gabriel is cremated, he is not there) and have a family ceremony where we talk, eat cupcakes and let a balloon go.

I hope it is a gentle, peaceful day for all us moms. This week has been terrible. I keep telling myself what I tell other moms- the weeks or days leading up to an anniversary date are often harder than the day itself. I hope this is actually true.



Holly said...

We will be going by the cemetery and I am hoping that Carleigh's marker is up by now. I would really like to put some flowers in her vase for Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I just want this week to be over with so I can get back to life.

Not Your Ordinary Spud said...

thinking of you this weekend. **hugs* *hugs* *hugs**

Alison said...

I just posted a blog about my Amelia. I am 7 years past her death and still cry when I think of her.

I can not tell you how thrilled I am to find your blog.

Emalee said...

Thank you for the card. I loved it. I hope yesterday was not too horrible for you.