Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had an email from Jess, sharing her stepping stones with us. Thanks for letting me post this, Jess!! ((hugs))

The thing that was the most helpful for me has been meeting other women through Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope or from reading there blogs. And also from starting my own blog. With my first miscarriage (my second was 2 weeks ago and my first was 2/11/10) I did not want to be judged so I kept quiet like unfortunately most women do.

What was the most difficult was going through my second D & C - I cried from the minute I entered the pre-surgery area. People kept asking why I was so upset. I thought it should be rather obvious! The second which was the reason why I was so quiet the first time was people's reactions when I told them I had a miscarriage. They looked horrified! I was so offended. I am the one going through this not them - how dare they look offended because of my pain! I still can't get over that. Now I have a blog and I could care less. If it bothers them then they better not talk to me (lol) because these are my children and I will talk about them whenever I want to! The Sunday before Oct. 15th I am singing "I will carry you" by Selah at church and putting up a powerpoint of the words with the dates of my angels and the date of pregnancy loss awareness day. I am praying that nothing happens that will upset me. I mean I am SURE I will cry when I am done with the song (hopefully not during though) but I hope no one acts appalled.


Lechelle said...

Good luck Jess! I hope you get only support and love, you have it here!

Mrs.Vickie said...

Good luck! I bet you will do awesome!!!

Pink Panda said...

So sorry for you loss. I had my first miscarriage in April- not sure when it happened exactly and a D & C a little later. While I was at the hospital, they lost power- there was a car crash right in front. The loss of power added to my sadness. It seemed appropriate that the waiting room become pitch dark all of a sudden, because that's what I felt happened to me. The life and joy was gone. All of a sudden. I love blogging as well. I blog about baby Rose at www.pinkpand2.blogspot.com and

I V Y said...
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I V Y said...

Sorry for the loss. I had two miscarriages in 2006 and it has been difficult for us to conceive since then.

Baby Dust Diaries

Lindsey said...

I am so sorry for your loss as I know what you are going through and get sick and tired of people acting so offended when I am upset or act like I should move on from my pain. I had an infant loss in 2005 my son died full term shortly after birth and after saying goodbye the nurses had the nerve to ask me why I was so upset? I mean Really? Are they dumb? Sorry still venting even five years later. I had two miscarriages shortly after him, it's been a long battle. I am so glad there are places and blogs to turn to such as this one. I created a site as well shortly after my loss, feel free to check it out. I just added a blog and added your button to it, feel free to grab mine! God bless you!