Friday, January 15, 2010


I have 2 posts about this site and it is kind of a chicken and egg.. which one do I post first? So read them both together please and save me agonizing over it any more.

Debra emailed me and invited me to check out her site It is a site to 'Celebrate your life, now and forever.'

Basically you create a page for yourself. You upload photos, your life story, poems, music. You can enter contacts. When you die your list is contacted and your page is a place for loved ones to come celebrate your life.

I have played around with it just a little bit, but can tell you that although it seems kind of morbid, it is actually very comforting to me.

For one thing, you can write private letters to family members. I love this idea.

You can also put instructions for family to follow after you die. And this important to me. Although I don't like to think about dying, it isn't as scary to me as it maybe once was. I know I'll see Gabriel again and he is waiting for me. But one thing I absolutely want to happen is when I am buried I want Gabriel's ashes buried with me and his name also on my gravestone. So he is always with his mommy.

Debra was kind enough to set up a discount code for us. STONES will give you 75% OFF the membership. You can purchase as many as you like for friends and family. So you get $100 site for only $25.00.

Thanks, Debra!

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debra said...


The post about your wishes to have Gabriel's ashes with yours and his name on your post really made me tear up. You are helping so many others, with the support you're providing.

Love Debra