Friday, October 16, 2009

Grieving the Loss of a Grandchild

Yesterday my article "Grieving the Loss of a Grandchild" was featured on the site GrandparentsTLC This is a great site that shows grandparents how to use technology to connect with their grandchildren.

I appreciate the chance to talk about how a grandparent can help their child when a grandchild dies. Not so long ago the attitude was that a mom should not see her baby, but instead should forget and have another child as soon as possible to get over the loss. It was a different time, a different generation. And grandparents are in a unique position that they are grieving the loss of their grandchild and also are seeing their child hurting. It's tough.

Click on GrandparentsTLC:Grieving the Loss of a Grandchild and check it out. Thanks to Grandpa Shayne for posting my article.



Just Breathe said...

I am going over there now. Thank you.

Grandpa Shayne said...

Emily - Thank you for writing the guest post on my GrandparentsTLC blog. We've had lots of people read it already, and several have commented. You did a great job explaining how grandparents can grieve the loss of a grandchild, and also help their child (the parent of the child) grieve as well.

thanks, Grandpa Shayne

Holly said...

I think grandparents can really help a lot with grieving and I hope many do!!

Rachel said...

In the what seems like haze I was in around the time Ryan passed I never really thought about my mom or Doug's mom. I happened on a pamphlet that was part of the stacks we got that talked about Grandparents. It never truly dawned on me that not only did my Mom lose her grandson but she had to watch her baby suffer. I found a new respect for my Mom for helping me through everything and holding herself together.

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